The subsequent 3 and a half of years are the very last harvest as you realize it (prophecy

October 8, 2019

[be aware: I obtained a prophetic “love letter” from Jesus on November eleven, 2006. In it he first mentioned the 3 ½ yr present for his humans. i have not included the entire message in this site as but, because of loss of time, however have blanketed the part of the message in which he discusses the three ½ years. i have included it right here before his January sixteen, 2007 message for obvious reasons:

[November 11, 2006: “… three and one half years come to you presently as a present, not as a punishment. … the technique of faith that flows now will retain to bless god’humans throughout this coming 3 and one 1/2 years, infant. I can lead you. I will take you where you should be and fulfill in you, and thru you all, as one,Read More Request a Prophecy my rationale and grace and giving love forever, saith my lord, amen and again amen.

The left hand knows what the right hand is doing in me; my frame is one, Chris. No longer two or greater, but one, always just one. My bride and wife are one, by no means separated however constantly one, amen, Christ is king.” under in the  sixteen, 2007 explains what the three ½ years are to be used for!]

January 16, 2007 “the next three ½ years are … the final harvest as you realize it”

To jot down for me is an honor, saith the lord. Paul knew this and become thankful with a view to write upon my voice. Now not all who listen me can, however have to. keep tight now Chris. I come, have come and continue to be with you/mine, infant(men) amen. Do no longer depression. Inside the old testament the days commenced at sunset, as darkness rolled in. you have got seen the earth’s sunset, another darkness has simply begun for those no longer in Christ. Pray that many will now place aside their “self” and/understand and worship from within my coronary heart, my holy of holes.

Understand that you, mine, are covered and now stand as witnesses to me, my reality and light, upon the earth. Mine mild will shine inside the coming darkness, saith the lord god amen. No one can stop the evil that now grows. My might be achieved and in this depend on finished. Permit peace come, saith he who’s the amen.

Rise every morningWith one choice: to serve me in my will and not your own kids. Time, literally time, is brief(need) now, and each day with me, my love and my peace, is a present given at/by the proper hand of god amen